• Hi-tec Silky Women's Walking Sandals - Ss20

Hi-tec Silky Women's Walking Sandals - Ss20

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Hi-Tec Silky Women's Walking SandalsEnjoy exploring in warmer conditions with the Hi-Tec Silky Women's Walking Sandals. An extremely lightweight and soft construction paired with a practical and trail-ready outsole will ensure that nothing will hold you back.Leather and Synthetic Upper Providing outstanding durability and comfort, the mixture of leather and synthetic materials make the sandals extremely practical and comfortable. The leather provides strength and durability to the straps, which will, in turn, secure the fit to your feet. The synthetic material in the upper will also help provide comfort by wicking moisture away. The material will draw moisture away from the skin, before removing it completely from the sandals. This will keep you feeling lightweight and comfortable over a long period of time. The straps have perforations which will allow air to enter and exit these areas for targeted ventilation. A hook and loop main strap will secure the fit of the sandals to feel personalised. There is also straps that go around the Achilles, as well as a forefoot strap, and the combination of all three will guarantee a non-restrictive fit that works for you. Flat-lying seams will reduce the risk of irritation being caused by rubbing and chafing. EVA Midsole/Durable Rubber OutsoleAn EVA midsole ensures long-lasting cushioning and comfort to the underfoot while improving bounce-back characteristics and decreases midsole breakdown. Every step will feel cushioned as a result, and this will take weight off joints like the knees and ankles to reduce fatigue and pain. The midsole will also absorb shocks from below instantly, stopping them from causing you any discomfort. This works alongside a Sculpted 'Super Soft' EVA footbed that also delivers incredible underfoot cushioning throughout your walk. Durable Rubber OutsoleDurable rubber will ensure that you will always feel in full control on a wide range of different terrains. The rubber is able to form a solid bond with hard surfaces, giving you exceptional traction and control. The rubber is abrasion resistant, which will improve the longevity and functionality of the outsole by standing up against abuse from hard surfaces. Multi-directional lugs and grooves will help anchor your feet in place for control.
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